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Yoga Classes in Gurgaon Sector-56

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Location: Gurgaon
Category: Health/Beauty - Other
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“Is leading a stressful life the only option we have?” It is very obvious one asks such questions when living a life in the sooty ambience of the metro cities. Especially talking about the NCR, every third person in Delhi, Gurgaon, and Noida is suffering from various kinds of mental and physical disorders, knowingly or unknowingly. The reason is quite simple, our isolation from nature. Aum Yoga Shala welcomes you to the yoga classes in sector 56 Gurgaon leading towards utter peace away from the crowd of the city. This is a journey towards a humble lifestyle away from the glitches of the modern market. Have a look at the program’s highlights:

• Learn the meaning of Yoga and its countless significance in one’s life.
• Get acquainted with the poses and postures of Yoga, based on the Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga.
• Breath-based training of Pranayama is taught with huge attention for improvising the blood circulation and internal cleansing. The breathing practice plays an utmost importance in one’s health.
• Get outright solace with the regular Meditation practice that will help you lay immense concentration on your goal.
• Get a basic insight of Adjustment and Alignment to practice Yoga with perfection and avoid injury during Yoga.
• Theoretical knowledge of Ayurveda. Learn the Ayurvedic way of living to be forever fit and healthy through the tips offered at the studio.
• We lay a huge attention on Mantra Chanting. The mere vibration of AUM is the solution of all kinds of agitations and frustrations. The sacred word is the source of all the psychological happiness where the God resides.
• The Yoga classes work towards well-being and strength. We also welcome people suffering from specific disorders which we heal through the practice of the holistic art.

Aum Yogashala is a prominent Yoga studio in Delhi NCR, offering yogic teachings in the region since its inception. The Yogashala’s excellence presents an opportunity to lead a spiritual life in Gurgaon with our highly experienced Yoga teachers.